[Histonet] Images of IHC artefacts

From:"Greg Dobbin"

Hello Everyone,
If any of you have digital images right there on your hard drive (that 
is to say don't go to any trouble), of some of the more common 
artefacts encountered when doing IHC staining (eg's positive 
staining of rbs's due to inadequate quenching, endogenous biotin). 
A "before and after" or "right and wrong" set for comparison would 
be extremely helpful.

I am going to Mexico this week to offer a wet lab workshop and (at 
the last minute!) I have been snookered into doing a presentation at 
the same time. It will be very informal I understand, but a 
presentation of any kind with out images will soon put everyone to 
sleep I'm sure! I don't have time to get the images myself before I 
go, so I am hoping some of you can come through for me. 
(incidentally, I am not being paid for this workshop-just travel 
Thanks in advance if you can help.

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