[Histonet] IHC on H&E section

From:Amos Brooks

         Don't bother destaining it. It's extra steps that increase the 
odds of having the tissue fall off. Once you get the coverslip off running 
the slide back to water thru alcohol will take out most of the eosin. The 
pretreatment (whatever it is) will probably take out the rest. Unless you 
are not using hematoxylin as a counterstain just leave it on. Less you need 
to worry about afterword.
Amos Brooks

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>I know this has come up before but don't remember the details.  I would like
>to do IHC for AE1/AE3 on a slide from a study set that has been H&E stained
>and coverslipped for some time now.  Please advise.  Is there a preferred
>method for removing the coverslip and maintaining the section integrety?
>Destaining the H&E?  Doing the IHC stain on this section?

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