[Histonet] Happy Valentines Day From Pam

From:Pam Barker (extension 234)

Happy Valentines Day, Histonetters !

I've attached a Valentines Day card (as a jpeg file). 

As well, here is the latest update on opportunities with some of my best clients throughout the US who are seeking Histology Supervisors, Histo Technologists and Histo Technicians.  These are positions as direct employees of our client. There are fulltime 40 hour per week positions.. As a direct employee of one of our clients you will be provided with full benefits including Health Insurance, Vacation, Sick Pay, Relocation money and a lucrative sign-on bonus.  I have part time and temporary positions as well.

I have supervisory, team lead and bench positions.  These positions require HTL or HT certification or registry eligibility.

Here are my NEW openings:
1. Indiana - Histo Tech
2. Nevada - Histo Tech
3. Texas -  Histo Tech
4. Kentucky - Histo Tech

These are some of my HOTTEST Histology Supevisory positions:
1. Maine - Histology Supervisor
2. New York - Histology Supervisor
3. Indiana - Histology Supervisor
4. Missouri - Histology Supervisor
5. Virginia - Histology Supervisor
6. Colorado - Histology Supervisor

Here are some of my HOTTEST Histo Tech bench positions:
1.  Florida - Histotechnologists
2.  Virginia - Histo Tech
3.  Pennsylvania - Histo Tech
4.  Oregon - Histo Tech
5.  Texas - Histo Tech
6.  Massachusetts - Histo Tech (part time 2 positions)
7.  Massachusetts - MOHS Tech
8.  New York - Histo Tech
9. Indiana - Lead Histo Tech
10. Virginia - Lead Histo Tech
11. Colorado - Histo Tech
12. Maine  - Lead Lab Assistant 
13. Ohio - Histo Tech

If you are interested in these jobs, please CALL ME ASAP at 800 466 9919 x234. To speed things up, please also send me a copy of your resume, (if you haven't already done so). If you are interested in jobs outside the above-mentioned areas, please send me your resume as well. I have clients throughout the US. I will keep your resume confidential and will not release it to anyone without your permission (This is Ategra policy as well as my own). My services are at no charge to you.

Of course, you may be happy in your present job, but it never hurts to to keep an eye open. Also, if you have friends/peers who do not have an email address, if you could pass my query & name on to them I'd be very grateful.  

I don't want to be a bother -  I was told that you were a hands-on Histo Tech or a Lab Supervisor. If you are no longer working in a lab please send me an email and I will remove you from my list of people to contact. 

However, if you are interested in any of the jobs above, please call me. 

Thank You !!

Pam - 800 466 9919 ext 234

Ategra Systems Inc
Specialists in Permanent & Contract Staffing

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Pam Barker
Senior Lab Recruiter
Ategra Systems Inc
Specialists in Permanent & Contract Staffing
7085 University Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32792

VOICE:    407-671-5800 ext 234
TOLLFREE: 800-466-9919 ext 234
EMAIL: pam@ategra.com 

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If you do not wish to be contacted, please hit the reply button and
let me know. I will then delete your name from my prospect list.

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