[Histonet] Artery section (Laura Fidgen)

From:"Hernan Aldana Marcos"

Dear Laura
I work with sections of the aorta. First of all I cut 5µm, then  I use a tipicall water bath with hot water and when the sections lies over the slide I press the section with my finger (puting a humedified (with the wather of the bath) filter paper betwen the section and the finger) then dried the slides vertically at room or hot temeprature.

My english is not good i hope that you understand me

Dr. Hernán J. Aldana Marcos
Facultad de Medicina. Universidad de Morón
Machado 914. B1708JPD. Buenos Aires. Argentina 
e-mail alternativo hernanjavier@yahoo.com
web: http://hjaldanamarcos.bravepages.com

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