Stain and xylene resistant labels.

From:Deryk Upton

Hello Histonet,

I've been reading some of the past postings and notice that many users have
had a difficult time finding xylene resistant slide labels that can be
applied before staining.

This email is not intended to be SPAM but rather to inform you that there is
a label that will work in your labs.  It's not an expensive and labor
intensive flap label.  It's the perfect label and ribbon combination that
works.  We can provide blank labels and ribbons, pre-printed labels with
bar code or we can supply the printers, ribbons, labels and software to
allow you to manufacture these labels in-house, on demand. 

I invite those interested to contact me and I will send out sample labels
that you can apply to blank slides and run through your staining/xylene
protocol to assure you that the labels will perform as claimed.  

Please contact me at

- Resist stain.
- Ink will not fade during xylene procedure.
- The label will not fall off during standard xylene procedures.
- Will last 10 years + for archiving. (proven by existing users)

Deryk Upton
Printers Plus Inc.
Toll Free 800-667-1512
Toll Free 877-434-0884

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