From:"Malek, Jack M"


Our lab has been using "gravity feed" (no pump, no electrical heat) formalin and alcohol recycling for the past three to four years.  The filter cartridges we currently use are made from five gallon buckets and are a great improvement over the smaller pvc-pipe cartridges the company began with.  We like that they are simple, and safe. This system filters much more quickly than our conventional B/R recycler and the alcohol concentrations come out great.  We do not check the formalin ph and concentration as often as we do the recycled alcohols, but tested fine the few times we have checked. The cartridges have been improved with built-in funnels and the receivers have an automatic spill prevention cut-off valve.  The system is portable and we use it in our gross room, and in our tissue processor cabinets.

The cartridge life depends on how dirty the formalin or alcohol is to start with, but over all it's been cost effective for our lab.  Creative Waste Solutions, Inc. is an outstanding company and customer support has been excellent.  What we like most is that they continue to improve the product and the cost effectiveness of it.

Jack Malek
Group Health Cooperative
Seattle, Washington

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