Re: random versus orgainized processor racks

From:Kim Carter

   I have experience with both types of racks. I found no difference in the quality of the processing with the two styles. I prefer the organized rack. The reason is that the cassettes must be organized at some point.  I find that by organizing casssettes first, you are able to find any mistakes before processing. This is the best time to correct any problems. 
Kim Carter
OSU Mecical Center
Columbus Oh
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Subject: random versus orgainized processor racks

We have purchased a processor and would like to know if anyone has done a comparison between the random racks and the organized racks.  Are each equally proficient at processing the blocks? 

Does the number of blocks being processed make a difference?  Are there any particular advantages or disadvantages?  Thanks for your input.


Margaret Perry  

Vet Science

South Dakota State University

Brookings SD


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