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I haven't seen tonsils for awhile - I would think that hypertrophied tonsils would look/feel different grossly than lymphoma to the surgeon or pathologist.      Most of my experience has been that all tonsils were sent to pathology, and kid tonsils would at least be examined grossly, without a micro.  Maybe this is the case in this instance?

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Richard Cartun <>

02/25/2003 09:02 AM

        Subject:        Tonsils - when do you submit tissue

I know policies on the submission of tissue to the Pathology Lab differ
from institution to institution, but I wanted to share a recent case
with you.  We recently received tonsils from a 6 y.o. girl with history
of chronically enlarged tonsils and a recent history of Strep throat.
The tissue showed a B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  Fortunately, in this
case, the surgeon requested that the tonsils be sent to Pathology.

R. Cartun

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