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We use the date the specimen was collected as the registration and
collection date.  We have a spot in our system to mark when we received
the specimen.  We have always done this (both in pathology and general
lab) and last year we updated our computer system and checked the
regulation then.  Have they changed since then?

>>> "Horn, Hazel V"  02/14 4:28 PM >>>
Our reqs have 2 dates on them.   The date we received the specimen and
date it was collected.   The date of service is really the original
date of
collection, not when we receive the test.    At least that is my

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> Regarding the new regulation about date of service for pathology
> specimens,
> what do you count as the date of collection for a new specimen being
> accessioned?
> I am asking this because outpatients are registered for the date
> specimen is collected, which very often is a date prior to receipt of
> specimen. This dates crosses to the laboratory computer system. If
> accession the specimen with the collect date and make the DOS as the
> accession date for us, the hospital computer system sees that as an
> and kicks out the charge. 
> The new regulation about the DOS for pathology is confusing, but I
> interpret
> it to have been established for cases that are months or years old,
> which
> additional testing (e.g. Her2Neu) is being performed. 
> If this makes sense to anyone, can you please tell me how you
> the
> regulation? :>)
> Thanks, j
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