Re: Objective cleaning.

From:"John C. Dennis"


I use store bought stuff that is isopropanol, acetone, and acetic acid.
I've used ether and chloroform but only once each time.  The glue
substance?) holding the lenses in place is frequently soluble in those
compounds.  At least in the Nikon lenses on our scope.

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On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Ian Montgomery wrote:

>          Many thanks for the information and suggestions. Yesterday
> afternoon I searched my books and last night trawled through the internet
> searching for information. Savile Bradbury in his Introduction to the
> Optical Microscope recommends absolute alcohol. Ether, mixtures of ether
> and alcohol, xylene, various proprietary cleaners and isopropyl alcohol
> (propan-2-ol) are all used. I'm swaying towards the isopropyl alcohol but
> before I commit myself I'll contact Zeiss. Anyone had any experience with
> isopropyl alcohol?
> Ian.
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