Re: H&E before immuno staining

From:Chris van der Loos

Dear Ross,
If the pathologists like a combi of H&E and immuno, please consider 
Immunogold-silver staining for immuno. This intense black reaction product 
have been combined successfully with H&E many times.
Chris van der Loos
Academic Medical Center
Dept. of Cardiovascular Pathology
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ross Staps wrote:
 >Date: 25 Feb 2003 09:44:02 -0600
 >From: Ross Stapf 
 >Subject: Re: H&E before immuno staining
 >We experimented with H/E after immuno staining for a while.  It started when
 >someone accidently counterstained with both Hematoxylin and Eosin.   The
 >Pathologists liked it at first, and asked us to keep doing the mistaken H/E
 >counterstain, but then decided the eosin made it hard to distinguish the DAB
 >at times, and returned to the traditional hematoxylin counterstain.  The 
 >and orange contrast wasn't always good, but I am sure it depends on what you
 >are trying to see.
 >We have done immuno's on sections stained H/e because the slides were all 
 >were left to use.  Antigen Retrieval and H2O2 quenching (in our hands) 
 >much of the h/e stain.
 >Ross Stapf

Histology Supervisor
Washington Adventist Hospital
Takoma Park MD

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