Re: Charges for services

From:Vicki Gauch

 We do not currently charge for recuts or unstained slides for patients involved in study groups or treatment protocols.   

Vicki Gauch
Albany, NY

>>> "Cornett, Lorraine D"  02/24/03 02:03PM >>>
Do anyone in histoland charge for recuts and unstained slides that are requested by an outside location?  We are beginning to have a lot of outside locations ask for recuts and unstained slides for patients that are involved in study groups, or involved in a treatment protocol.  This, as you know takes tech time, as well as clerical time, to prepare the slides and get them ready to mail.  We are looking into some form of reimbursement for this service.
Does anyone do this already, or does anyone have set prices for these services already?
All information will be appreciated,

Lorraine Cornett
Histology Supervisor
Blue Ridge Pathology Consultants
423 224-6767 

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