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If the slides look really cloudy white, then it may be that the xylene pots
are contaminated with water.  If the tissue is drying out, it looks more
black than cloudy - you can watch this happen by taking a slide out from
xylene and putting it straight under a microscope.  You will see the drying
out from the edges in making the tissue look brittle and black.
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> Hi. After my immunostaining procedure that ends with three changes in
xylene, I coverslip (using Cytoseal, Richard Allen Scientific). When I look
at the slides under the microscope I notice some "cloudiness." I'm wondering
if that is due to the xylene drying off the tissue or due to the xylene
still being on the tissue. Also, I'm not sure if it's the cytoseal. I'm
using it for the first time, so if anyone had problems with it, please let
me know. Thank you for your time.
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