RE: very large parffin embedment molds

From:"Featherstone, Annette"

Dear Kathy

We do some pretty large bone specimens and we use whatever we can find,
boxes,containers, anything that will fit the specimen.  We also cut our own
coverslips from larger ones to fit the tissue.  As for cassettes gutter
guard, that material which is used to keep leaves and debris out of gutters,
works wonderful.  Never, ever, decal in it however.
Annette HT/MLT
Kaleida Health Buffalo NY

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Subject: very large parffin embedment molds

Hello again,

I have to embed some sheep organs, whole.  Does anyone know of a source for 
large embedment molds, slides, coverslips, cassettes, etc.?
Also, what is the stratagy for large organs?  Is drying out the edges while 
the middle is infiltrating a problem, if so how does one get around it?

Thanks for your help,

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