RE: very large parffin embedment molds

From:Fred Underwood

Hi Kathy.
Surgipath sells super cassettes, dimensions 3in. x 2in. by .75in high.  They also sell the corresponding base molds and chuck adaptor.  Phone 1-800-225-3035.  I don't think they have large slides, but its worth asking.  You could, if all else fails, find a thickness of glass that will work,at a hardware store and break your own using a hand scoring instrument.  As far as processing, utilize a dehydrating solution that is 70% ablsolute alcohol and 30% xylene.  I use this on my processer and get thorough infiltrating on some good size chunks of tissue.  I have left tissue on delay in this solution for 10 days without ill effects.
Fred Underwood

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Subject: very large parffin embedment molds

	Hello again, 

	I have to embed some sheep organs, whole.  Does anyone know of a source for 
large embedment molds, slides, coverslips, cassettes, etc.? 
Also, what is the stratagy for large organs?  Is drying out the edges while 
the middle is infiltrating a problem, if so how does one get around it? 

	Thanks for your help, 

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