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From:Fred Underwood

I have used multi-purpose polyethylene containers(check with Fisher) for manual stain set-ups.  Including the xylene steps.  They never dissolved, only swelled a little.
Fred Underwood
Montgomery County Coroner
Dayton, OH

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From: Philip Oshel  
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 3:37 PM
Subject: jars and storage


	I've suddenly been assigned a student with Storage Needs. Xylene 
resistant containers (which usually means glass), about 625 of them. 
I searched the histonet archives, and got Industrial Containers & 
Supply in Salt Lake City, UT, but I need to find more sites. 
Specifically we need smallish to medium sized containers in which 
specimens can be stored in xylene for extended periods (meaning 
air tight lids) *and* that are cheap. 
Unfortunately, I don't find this in the archives. Anyone in histoland 
know of a supplier of such containers? 

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