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From:Mike Konopka

Denise, the foam boxes measure 300mm x 260mm x 120mm and contain 7 rows for slides, each box contains approx. 1200 slides. We changed from cardboard after rain got into the storage facility, water and cardboard are miscible, but that's not what we want. I think they are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. Our distributor is BioCorp Australia Pty Ltd. I don't know about the U.S.
Regards Mike

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Hi Mike,

What are these "foam slide boxes" you refered to in your reply to Cheryl?
Are they available in the U.S.?

"Cheryl, we also file a lot of slides per day, I think most labs use metal
slide draws in the lab (we store approx. 18 months of slides in these), we
then transfer them to foam slide boxes and store them in an on site storage
area (approx. 2 years of storage), finally we transfer them to an off site
facility about 1 mile / 1.6klm away and keep them for at least 20 years. In
regards to mounting media we have used Leica (expensive) can file the
following day, Pertex (1/3 of the price) but can't file for at least 2days,
even after 10-15 mins in a slide drying oven, I am now trailing Ultramount
(about 1/2 the price of Leica).
Regards Mike"

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