RE: Ramon y Cajal

From:"Schmid, Aloisia T [R&D/0216]"

His main problem was being Spanish, he was outside the hegemony of 
19th century European science. If he had been British, French or 
German his name would be as well known as Pasteur, Ehrlich or Curie.

I don't think this was much of a problem. He published in French and was and
is considered one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) neurobiologist ever.
He did win the Nobel prize.

His autobiography is excellent though because the man had such a great sense
of humor and for the most part didn't take himself too seriously.  WEll
occasionally, the arrogance did pop through.  But when referring to his
parents, he said his mother, a woman of great poise and beauty married his
father, a rather hideous man who was nevertheless brilliant and of excellent
character, in the hopes that her children would inherit her looks and her
husband's minds.  How tragic that she should be so bitterly disappointed.  

I think the lessons Ramon j Cajal has to offer are to enjoy your work and to
just relax and have a little fun with it all......

Alice Schmid

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