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From:"Demirs, John T."

My first reactions is not to use Ab from Santa Cruze. I have never found any of
their primaries to be any good. 
Having said that, We use overnight incubations at 4C, tittered out to
1:200-1:500. You should be doing Antigen Retrieval for nuclear staining and for
controls any tissue should have some level of cell proliferation some are better
then others i.e. liver, spleen, skin. 
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> Subject:	Immunostain for PCNA
> Hi. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a protocol for PCNA
> stain. I'm staining mouse lung tissue using the Envision+ kit from DAKO. I'm
> using a rabbit anti-PCNA from Santa Cruz biotech as the primary Ab. I incubate
> at RT for 1hr. Everything else is done as suggested by the kit (peroxidase
> block, serum block, secondary Ab, chromogen, etc). I used the PCNA Ab at 1:50
> and got nothing. When I went to 1:25, I had a lot of backrgound and no stain
> in the nucleus whatsoever. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on this
> stain, and also what is the best tissue from mouse to use as a positive
> control. Thank you for your time.
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