RE: Blue hue.

From:"Marshall Terry Dr, Consultant Histopathologist"

Whilst expired H may act like "neutral blue", it is not the only factor which gives rise to "all over" staining. 
Ours goes like that by Thursday (lately Wednesday), and replacing it has no effect, but the same stain on Monday, when the *processing* reagents have been changed, reverts to normality.
It's a mysterious business is staining.

BTW, how many minutes does it take to make up Gill's - 5 maybe if the ingredients are at hand?
You have no time?!
Bet it takes you longer to write the order.

Terry L Marshall
Rotherham Yorks

I totally agree with Roxanne that your Haematoxylin has expired. Sorry Ian,
but I don't agree with you to make up your own. Nobody has time these days
to do that, just find a reliable supplier. We currently use Surgipath and
find good results with this.
Rita Russell.

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