Preadipocyte factor-1 expression in muscle fibres

From:Phillip Huff

I have developed an immunohistochemical staining procedure to locate 
preadipocytes in bovine muscle tissue by immunolocating preadipocyte 
factor-1 (pref-1). Pref-1 is a transmembrane protein known to be 
expressed in preadipocytes but not in fully differentiated adipocytes. 
During my staining procedure development, I often viewed pref-1 to be 
'expressed' in individual muscle fibres. Clearly the expression was 
seperate from the connective tissue (perimycium) where adipocytes are 
known to develop. No clear explanation, however, was ever developed for 
why pref-1 would be expressed in muscle fibres. I have posted a few 
images of the sections (on that I obtained and I would 
enjoy comments on perhaps why I am seeing this expression. If people 
would like to know the protocol please let me know. I am basically 
curious if I am seeing artifacts of the fluorescence staining or if 
anyone has obtained similar fluoresence staining when working with 
muscle sections.


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