Exakt protocol

From:louise renton

Hi all,

We have an Exakt system for sawing and grinding resin embedded bone. 
Unfortunately, none of us presently in this lab have been trained "hands 
on", and rely on notes left by others*. Is there a definitive protocol for 
using this system or do we have to rely on a trial and error approach? I 
would be grateful for any/all information and protocols (including those for 
staining) that anybody would like to share.

* We have approached our HOD for funds to send us on a training course, but 
to date none has been forthcoming, and, given the execrable exchange rate of 
rand versus dollars,pounds or euros, this is not entirely surprising!

Best reagards and TIA

Louise Renton
Bone Research Unit
South Africa
Tel & fax +27 11 717 2298
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