Criteria for staining Cytology specimens with high potential of c ross-contamination

From:"Landrum, Donna (San Jac)"

The lab I work in is small.  We process surgical specimens and non-gyn
cytology.  I recently have had to create a new procedure on how we batch and
stain our cytology.  We have to separate low-cellular, high cellular, and
FNA's.  They have to all be stained separately and in their own set-up.   We
do PAP's and H&E's on most all cytologies.  

My question is, Does anyone have any tips on how to keep this simplified?
Currently, I am staining all PAP's together and all H&E's together.  If I
have to separate, I would have to set up six different staining set-ups.  I
do not have an automatic stainer right now, so these are all manual set-ups.
My feeling is that this is total overkill.   Especially since we have never
had any problems.  But, to satisfy CAP, we must separate everything.  

If you have any helpful information, I would appreciate any ideas.

Donna Landrum, HT (ASCP)
Histology Lab Supervisor

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