microwave PAS procedure

From:Rita Angel


We're new to using microwave techniques in our lab, and I have a question about the PAS procedure. I followed the microwave procedure in our Histotechnology book using one control slide and a plastic coplin jar. The stain worked well following the procedure. The question I have is how do I change the times for a larger amount of slides?  We normally stain 20-30 slides at a time using the 250 ml plastic staining dishes. Should I double or triple the amount of time? According to the Histotechnology book, if I understand correctly, we need to change the length of time, not the power level for a commercial microwave, since the wattage remains the same. In the procedure I used for the one slide, it was all done at high power. I know there are a lot of histologists out there that are experienced with this type of staining. Thanks for your help.

Rita Angel, HT
University of Cincinnati
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