Vertebrate Retinal Tissue

From:Ephram Shizgal

Vertebrate Retinal Tissue

I am also looking for some tissue and hadn't thought to ask the list;

I need retinal tissue, preferably mice. We manufacture a desktop low voltage electron microscope and some folks are having a tough time believing that we image bio samples without staining and get really great results.

The retinal tissue is a priority since someone in particular wants to see results (why he won't provide us with his own samples…!?!...some people are really just not cooperative even when it is to their benefit). We want to image the photoreceptors cone and rods in the various scanning modes; TEM SEM and STEM.

We are also interested in expanding our database of images from a broad range of tissue and applications to have a comprehensive source of images/results .

So, I guess it's a 2 part email;

1) does anyone know where I can get this retinal tissue ??

2) an invitation to histonetters who are curious about how their samples will image in our EM to contact me



Ephram Shizgal
Delong America

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