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From:Carrie Kyle-Byrne

fungus controli'd like to throw out a bit of a suggestion......given that
different fungi stain differently with various silver stains, wouldn't it
make sense to have a multi-fungi control block?
just curious to see what other might think of this......

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  Dear Histonetters:

  Since I have stated that we have made our own fungus controls out of an
orange peel there has been a few inquires on the Histonet asking how this
was done.

  Our Chief of Pathology, Dr. William Lane, claims that it is an old family
recipe and should be a closely guarded secret.  Since we are all one big
family on the Histonet I was given permission to give out this top secret
protocol.  Pass this information along only to those that you completely

  Take an orange and let it sit at room temperature until it starts to mold.
This may take several weeks so you have to be patient.  The molding process
can be excellerated by transferring mold from some other source to the
orange.  A moldy piece of bread (penicillin) could be used. The bread itself
will not stand up to processing. We injected the orange with some mold we
found in Dr. Lane's coffee pot (aspergillus).  After the orange is good and
moldy just cut some of the peel off and process on a routine cycle. The peel
holds up well. You can then embed, cut and stain like it is a normal piece
of tissue.

  For those of you try this I would like to here about the results.  Good

  Now I'm hungry.

  Steve Scholz HT(ASCP)
  OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center
  Rockford IL

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