Re: dividing cell preps

From:Shirley Powell

Hi Louise,

When I need to separate sections, cells, or smears, I use Mount Quick from
Newcomer Supply.  It comes in a tube with instructions for removal and
separation.  The number for Newcomer is 6270A, about $12.00 a tube and the
phone number is 1800-383-7799.  It is very reliable and I have done pressure
cooker antigen retrieval then IHC on the NexES on sections separated using this

Shirley Powell

louise renton wrote:

> Hi all,
> Long, long ago, I once glanced at an article that described a technique of
> "splitting" cell preps in order to do separate stains. What I recall, is
> that the whole smear was coated with ?crystal mount, ?DPX, allowed to dry
> and then carefully peeled off the slide. The cells adhered to the mounting
> medium, and could be cut up into several portions and then, once stained,
> reassembled.
> If anyone has a reference for this technique, I would be very grateful if I
> could have it.
> Many, many thanks
> Louise Renton
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