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From:Jan Shivers

I use the anti-human RSV monoclonal from NovoCastra (NCL-RSV3) at 1:300 with
microwaving in 0.01M citrate buffer for 20 minutes (4 x 5 minutes).  It
works beautifully... but you need a good + control.  Be sure to put 2%
normal bovine serum in your linking Ab to block binding to the endogenous
Igs in the lung.

Jan Shivers
Univ of Minn Vet Diag Lab

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From: "Greg Dobbin" 
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Subject: Veterinary Viral Ab's

> Hello All,
> I'm wondering if any of you fellow Vet Medicine types know of a
> source of antibodies (Poly- or Monoclonal) to Porcine Cirocovirus
> and Bovine Respiratoty Syncytial Virus (BRSV)?
> I see our friends at VMRD have Direct FA conjugates to these;
> which leads me to my next question: what is to be expected from
> staining formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections with
> direct FA ab's? (I think I'll re-post this particular question to the list
> with the subject: "Direct FA on FFPE", to get a wider response. My
> apologies in advance to those of you who end up opening both
> e-mails!)
> I seem to remember trying this at one time (when I worked in a
> virology lab) and had good results. Does it really depend on the
> antigen in question and how it responds to fixation and processing?
> Any and all responses welcome!
> Cheers!
> Greg
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