Re: Prefer mold

From:"P. Emry"


We make up the concentrate.

As we have been checking our older specimens for mold we have found a
Discoloration in the tissues suggesting a break-down of the Prefer.  Have
you seen this?  Have you been changing the Prefer on longer-stored

We x-rayed some small pig mandibles and have seen a mottling effect in the
bone.  Again, have you experienced this?

I have emailed Anatech.  No response yet.


On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Mary Bryhan wrote:

> I have been a Prefer user for many years now and have never seen this problem.  Do you buy predilutes or make yours from the concentrate?  If it's the later, could it be the water source?  Either way, I would start by contacting ANA-Tech directly; they are great to work with and I am sure they will help you with this problem.
> Mary Bryhan HT (ASCP)
> Team Leader - Anatomic Pathology
> Northern Michigan Hospital
> Petoskey, MI
> >>> "P. Emry"  02/13/03 02:36PM >>>
> We have just found round growths of white mold on specimens that were
> perfused and stored in Prefer fixative.  Some of them are more than an
> inch in diameter.
> Has anyone else had this problem?
> How can it be treated and how can it be prevented?
> Should we be expecting this from something called a "fixative".
> Thanks,
> Trisha

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