Re: Mycobacterium Leprae

From:Richard Cartun

We do immunohistochemistry for mycobacteria; very sensitive, but not
specific.  The pAb that we use stains all types of mycobacteria and may
cross-react with other bacteria as well since bacteria share antigens. 
Therefore, positive immunoreactivity should be confirmed with another
technique.  In addition, we can extract DNA from the formalin-fixed,
paraffin-embedded tissue and probe for mycobacterial DNA sequences.  We
use two primers: one is genus-specific for mycobacteria and the other is
specific for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Richard Cartun

>>> Claye Clyatt  02/03/03 10:07AM >>>
Does anyone have tissue containing Mycobaterium Leprae that can be
shared for a control slide or know of a reference lab that can perform
staining on a paraffin block for this agent.


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