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Why not make your advisor happy and do some immunos and maybe do a comparison of some IHC and specials that provide similar results to an investigator? I am not smart enough to give you ideas on which ones, sorry!

02/13/03 05:41 PM

        Subject:        MSc Project

hi histonetters

I am a part-time MSc student working in a histology lab in the UK. I am
midway through my training and one of the requisites is that I undertake a
piece of project work, either wholly original or a new aspect of past work. I
have discussed this with my peers and also the senior staff and pathologists
who have come up with many ideas - however almost all are immuno based.
Although I appreciate that immuno is the way forward at the moment I would
like my project to be a little different. I would welcome any more ideas that
anyone may have. Sorry if this is seen to be an abuse of histonet.

Many thanks in advance


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