Re: LIS integration with pathology test tracking

From:Rebecca Barnhart

I have used the standards to get started then modified to fit what I
needed.  Some of my reports are generated from using questionnaires that
I created, some are generated from just a prompt response from one of
the questionnaires that I created, others are generated from case type
or procedure.  I have also put all of our staging forms and any form
used to send out into our system. I have tried to make our computer
system do the most for us. I have done all this with the reports since I
know what I want it to do.  


>>> "Victor Tobias"  02/13 3:53 PM
The reports you use are they standard ones provided by Meditech or
ones that Meditech wrote for you or did someone in-house write them?
Thanks for any info.


On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Rebecca Barnhart wrote:

> 	Our hospital recently changed computer system and now the
> hospital has the same system, Meditech.  I was on the team to bring
> pathology module up.
> 			I have set up that when certain pathology
> specimen are ordered that certain lab test will be seen (the lab
> were determined by the pathologist.)  For an example when a liver
> is done all hepatitis, hepatic function and some other test are seen
> the pathology case. Also some of our pathology orders are placed
> the lab side.  Our semen analysis, post vas and synovial fluids get
> test along with pathology so the orders are placed in the lab side,
> everything flows over.
> 			For each case there is a section to enter
> procedures.  In here we place all level charges, special stains and
> other procedure being done.  I have also set up that if it is a
> procedure that we send out (special stains, consults etc) it is not
> automatically complete.  We have to go into another section to mark
> complete once it is back.  This way I can tell at any time what is
> hanging out and I know how long to wait until I call to check on it.
> 			I can print out reports by many different
>  Each month I run reports to show how many procedures are done, how
> of each case type we did, how many of each pap diagnosis there was
> many more.  There is a committee that reviews anything we send out as
> consult (even if it was not at the request of our pathologist) I
> generate a report each month that show which cases where sent, why,
> where, our diagnosis, the other facility diagnosis and if they agreed
> disagreed.  I can also run a report showing what procedure where done
> which case.
> 			I have done a lot with our system and I am
> working on ways to better it.  One of my biggest things is that in
> system anyone can tell at anytime what is being done to the case.=20
> scan our requisition so that will forever be associated with that
> number.  Anything that gets sent out is put into the system what
> material were sent, what we are to get back and it is tracked, we
> priority or Fed Ex so we can track the mailing of the specimen.  Any
> report we get back (special stain or consult) we scan in so this
> always and forever be attached to the case number.
> I hope this all helps.  Let me know if I can be of any help.
> 		Becky
> >>> "Morken, Tim"  02/13 11:32 AM >>>
> Histonetters,
> I would like to know at what level your LIS integrates with your
> pathology
> tests.
> Do your pathologists request tests through the LIS?
> Do you enter tests performed and results obtained on each slide?
> Can you print out reports by case, test-type (special stain,
> etc)
> or other parameters?
> Can you print out a report per case showing all test requests, all
> tests
> performed and all results?
> Can you use the LIS to produce test-use reports (ie, how many tests
> each
> type done per time period)?
> Thanks for your time!
> Tim Morken
> Atlanta

Victor Tobias
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