Re: LIS integration with pathology test tracking

From:Ross Stapf

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Morken, Tim writes:

I would like to know at what level your LIS integrates with your pathology
Do your pathologists request tests through the LIS? yes, it was a difficult sell though.
Do you enter tests performed and results obtained on each slide? Information as to what tests were done on each block are there, but recording if the control was positive or negative on a case and information about repeats are not currently captured.
Can you print out reports by case, test-type (special stain, antibody, etc)
or other parameters?
Reports by case are easy.  Others are more difficult and may require expensive customization.
Can you print out a report per case showing all test requests, all tests
performed and all results?
I can print a report of all tests ordered, when they were ordered, and when they were verified as being complete.

Can you use the LIS to produce test-use reports (ie, how many tests of each
type done per time period)?


We use Copath (Mysis version).  It has both strengths and weaknesses.  For instince I hope one day to be able to print only the labels I need instead of labels for the whole case.

Ross Stapf
Histology Supervisor
Washington Adventist Hospital
Takoma Park MD

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