Re: LIS integration with pathology test tracking

From:Carol Jones

Hi Tim

I'm not sure i understand quite what you are asking being English and
probably a little backward but bear with me.

Our pathologists don't request tests thru our LIS but can reflex and add
additional requests if required. All our histology and hospital based
cytology can be requested through our HIS which automatically requests
tests onto the LIS.

We have minimum data set reporting for cancer integrated into the
conventional freetext type histology/nongynae report, which are issued to
requesting physicians.

The onboard specimen tracking is exceptional.

Management reports such as those you mention relating to test type, case
type, workload, statistical data, sensitivity data for cytotechs, work
activity and many many more are produced using Crystal reports which is
integral to the LIMS.  This is a system new to the UK using the TripleG
Ultra application and we are the beta testing site for the UK.  We are just
about to go live and the system promises to fulfil many financial and
governmental regulatory statistical requirements.  We think we have made
the right decision as this system allows us the flexibility to connect to
other systems.

Carol Jones
Cytology Wirral Hospital NHS Trust.

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I would like to know at what level your LIS integrates with your pathology
Do your pathologists request tests through the LIS?
Do you enter tests performed and results obtained on each slide?
Can you print out reports by case, test-type (special stain, antibody, etc)
or other parameters?
Can you print out a report per case showing all test requests, all tests
performed and all results?
Can you use the LIS to produce test-use reports (ie, how many tests of each
type done per time period)?

Thanks for your time!

Tim Morken

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