Re: Histology on trees.

From:"Driessen, L."

Date: 31 Jan 2003 10:54:08 -0600
Subject: Plant Histology
Hello Mark,

In the old days (about twenty years ago) I was trained to perform histology on plants. After my study I ended up doing histology at a pathology-lab. But I didn't loose my interest in planthistology. All through the years I've made some slides of plants for my own purpose. Unfortunatly I wasn't able to perform histology on trees, because you can't cut treematerial when it's embedden in paraffin (to soft). Since one year I'm working at a research-lab where I learned to work with plastic-embedding (I use PMMA). This could be a very good solution for your customer. You have to realise that in processing plantmaterial you have to prolong your processing-times because of the lesser permeability of plantcells due to the cellulosestructures. Perhaps this will work! I think I will do some experiment with wood myself, just out of curiosity.

Greetings leon.

Hello everyone !

One of our customers (an agriculture engineer)wants to take tree
sections. They are
investigating tree grafts like roses, & willows. They want to take 4-5
micron sections and they don't know anything about
processing of plant tissues.  I am not familiar with plant processing
either and was wondering if anyone out there could enlighten me
on the topic of plant processing, processing schedules and anything
different one would need to have when performing embedding,
microtomy and staining. Is there a book specifically designated to plant
processing , microtomy & staining ? One more thing is what
can be used to decompose cellulose?

Your  help as always is greatly appreciated !


Best regards,


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