Re: Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors on DCIS

From:Richard Cartun

Yes, we have been doing it (upon request) since October, 2002.  It's
required for a new NSABP protocol (B-24).  Evidently, Tamoxifen
decreased breast cancer event risk by greater than 50% in ER+ DCIS.  I
am not sure that you need to do PR at this point.  We are doing it, and
reporting it, but not billing for it.

R. Cartun 

>>> "Bell, Lynne"  02/05/03 10:18AM >>>
One of our pathologists just informed me that our oncologists would
like us
to do ER and PR's on all cases with ductal carcinoma insitu.  Is anyone
doing this?  As about 30% of the breast tissue we receive has DCIS,
this is
going to significantly impact our workload, which leads me to my next
question.  Does anyone have some ideas for a small, reliable

Thanks so much for you help,

Lynne Bell, HT (ASCP)
Lead Histotechnician
Central Vermont Hospital
Barre, VT

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