Re: Cell Culture for IHC

From:Kathleen Spencer

In the past I did IHC on cultured hippocampal neurons grown on round 
glass coverslips in tiny petri dishes. The coverslips were coated with 
poly-l-lysine after soaking in nitric acid. Everything was done with 
sterile technique of course. The fixation of the cells and the staining 
took place in the petri dish, suctioning off each solution. The 
coverslips were placed cell side down on a slide with vectashield for 

Hope this helps,


On Thursday, February 13, 2003, at 10:11  AM, wrote:

> I have been asked to do an immunohistochemistry stain (West Nile Virus) 
> on cell culture.  I usually on worked with paraffin blocks and smears.  
> I'm not even sure of the questions to ask, but here it goes....
> In growing the cells, can I used glass slides (I don't have any 
> plastic)?
> Are the glass slides plain or charged?
> How do I fix the cells?  (I know if they're not fixed in formalin there 
> will be no antigen retrieval.)
> Anything special I need to know before the jump such as potential 
> problems or background staining?
> Thanks in advance,
> Laura Bliven
> Marshfield Laboratories
> (715)387-7810

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