Re: Bielchowsky stain


I can send you a copy of the Bielshowsky stain that I used at University of
Chicago. I was able to cut down on the background and overstaining. Just
let me lnow.


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"Nymeyer, Heather"  on 02/13/2003
06:49:12 PM

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Subject:    Bielchowsky stain

I need some help in reducing or eliminating the amount of background silver
precipitate on the slide when performing a Bielchowsky stain. The method
being used is a 20 % silver nitrate solution for 20 mins followed by a 15
min incubation (in the dark) of ammoniacal silver.  The reducer consisting
of citric acid, formaldehyde, water.  A few drops of the reducer is added
to the ammoniacal silver and checked microscopically until fibers are seen.
At the same time the fibers are being developed the excess background
precipitate is forming.    Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly

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