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we often do the same thing, few slides are stained in a plastic pap jar while many are placed in a large coplin jar (rectangular kind that holds about 18-20 slides, i don't remember exactly).  the thing to do is just run a couple "practice" runs through the microwave and just get the shiff's warm, that should work fine. another option is to arm the small jar, measure the temp. and then figure out how long you need to nuke the large container to reach the same temp. it's not a super precise stain so it shouldn't matter if it's a bit too cool, just check the control.
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We're new to using microwave techniques in our lab, and I have a question about the PAS procedure. I followed the microwave procedure in our Histotechnology book using one control slide and a plastic coplin jar. The stain worked well following the procedure. The question I have is how do I change the times for a larger amount of slides?  We normally stain 20-30 slides at a time using the 250 ml plastic staining dishes. Should I double or triple the amount of time? According to the Histotechnology book, if I understand correctly, we need to change the length of time, not the power level for a commercial microwave, since the wattage remains the same. In the procedure I used for the one slide, it was all done at high power. I know there are a lot of histologists out there that are experienced with this type of staining. Thanks for your help.

Rita Angel, HT
University of Cincinnati

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