RE: guide lines for IHC FTE

From:"Dawson, Glen"


I have 2.5 FTE's (including myself) and average about 70 IHC's daily.  I am
also responsible for a significant amount of research for the Dept. of
Pathology @ the Medical College of WI and we help out main histology when
they are understaffed.

Glen Dawson

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From: Debbie Styer []
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 3:27 PM
Subject: guide lines for IHC FTE

I'm looking for guidelines of how many IHC cases are done for one
FTE.  We are getting pretty busy and need to show some statistics.
I sure would appreciate any imput.  Thanks
Debbie  HT QIHC
ACL Laboratories
West Allis, Wisconsin

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