RE: guide lines for IHC FTE

From:Martha Ward

We have 3 FTE and do 1200 immuno per month, but also cut all slides and controls, gross renals and skins. do immunofluoresence, insitu hybridization.  We have 3 NexEs units and 1 Benchmark.  We also have 1 other FTE that does all ER,PR,Her2,Ki-67, and ploidy by flow.
Martha Ward
Molecular Diagnostics Lab
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Winston-Salem, NC 27157

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	From: Ross Stapf [] 
	Sent: Thu 2/13/2003 7:58 AM 
	Subject: RE: guide lines for IHC FTE

	We did about 1300 IHC in JAN.  We probably averaged about 1000 per month last year with a steady increase in volume. 
	Until this month we only had 1 FTE on immuno's, but they don't have to cut the slides.  I now have a 2nd FTE assigned to immuno's.  It was too much work for one person.  Although when the Dako's are running, they come down to histo and lend a hand.
	Ross Stapf
	Histology Supervisor
	Washington Adventist Hospital
	Takoma Park MD
	>>> "Soto, Roxanne"  02/12/03 06:28PM >>>
	We have 1.5 FTE for IHC and we do about 650- 700 IHC tests per month and
	about 5- 10 IMF tests per month
	Roxanne Soto
	AP Supervisor
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	From: Debbie Styer []
	Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 3:27 PM
	Subject: guide lines for IHC FTE
	I'm looking for guidelines of how many IHC cases are done for one
	FTE.  We are getting pretty busy and need to show some statistics.
	I sure would appreciate any imput.  Thanks
	Debbie  HT QIHC
	ACL Laboratories
	West Allis, Wisconsin
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