RE: favorite mounting media for IHC

From:Fred Underwood

Hi Carrie,
Try Poly-Mount(xylene based) from Poly Scientific, 1-800-645-5825.  Catalog #s2153, $16.75 for 8 ounces.
Fred Underwood.

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From: Carrie Kyle-Byrne  
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 2:52 PM
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Subject: favorite mounting media for IHC

	hi all, 
we're noticing some significant fading of chromagen and hematoxylin on our 
IHC are some particulars......we use xylene, our DAB is from 
Dako, hematoxylin is Mayer's from Sigma, and we currently use CytoSeal.  i'm 
looking to switch to a different media......what's your favorite for good 
long term storage. 
thanks for your input, 

	ps.....thank goodness we take pictures of everything for the much loathed 
lab notebook! 

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