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The tissue needs to be fresh, snap frozen in liquid nitrogen. About a 1-2cm piece should be sufficient. Part should be minced and put in glutaraldehyde for possible Em. The frozen tissue is cut on a cross section. There are many immuno antibodies for dystrophys, sarcoglycans, distrophyins etc., along with routine frozen muscle stains including gomori, nadh, atpase. Good Luck, rwrite back if you need more info.
Annette Featherstone HT/ Kaleida Health

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I heard that muscular dystrophy patients can further type the type of MD they have by getting tests done on a muscle biopsy.  Does anyone know the most recent testing done on these biopsies?  How big the tissue needs to be?  If anyone has info on this matter or can further direct me, please let me know.
Christina DeBari
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