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Hello Matt!
First off, I am working on my thesis research for Master of Science in Cell Biology, and I know how hard it is to find the right project.  The Biology Dept at my university is rather biased toward molecular evolution and bioinformatics==neither of which really suited my needs. I started by finding a professor whose work I admired and talking to him--turned out he had an idea for a project that was just what I wanted (after I read a couple of papers on the subject). I am now working with extracellular signalling in development of the inner ear and really enjoying it (and Histonetters have been a great source of technical advice!)
I use IHC and ISH, but they happen to suit my needs---what particular technology really catches YOUR fancy?  Better yet, have you read any literature recently that just really grabbed you?  One of friends, for instance, just really wanted to work with mast cells and just dug into everything he could find on them.  He isn't using immuno at all.

Let me know how things are working for you.  Good Luck!  Maureen @ East Carolina University

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hi histonetters

I am a part-time MSc student working in a histology lab in the UK. I am 
midway through my training and one of the requisites is that I undertake a 
piece of project work, either wholly original or a new aspect of past work. I 
have discussed this with my peers and also the senior staff and pathologists 
who have come up with many ideas - however almost all are immuno based. 
Although I appreciate that immuno is the way forward at the moment I would 
like my project to be a little different. I would welcome any more ideas that 
anyone may have. Sorry if this is seen to be an abuse of histonet.

Many thanks in advance


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