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From:"Starost, Matthew (NIH/OD/ORS)"

Master Tech sells Immunocal for $19.50 a quart. 

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I used it on a large project involving the nasal turbinates of rats on which
needed to do (among other things) cell proliferation.  It worked beautifully
this study and I would recommend it highly.

Robert Schoonhoven,
Lab. of Molecular Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis

"Fessler, Jim" wrote:

> Is anyone using Immunocal for bone decalcification? Do you see better
> results  with minimal loss of antigenicity in tissue for immunochemisty.
> you satisfied with the product?
> Can you help with  information regarding ordering and pricing?
> Thanks in advance.
> Jim Fessler
> Penna Hosp

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