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I will never argue the who did it, that was pretty clear.  Henry Lee proved you can look at evidence collected and handled badly to the benefit of the accused.  Unfortunately I saw the original pathologist on the stand in the prelim and he made it easy for everyone after him.  He couldn't understand why everyone was so upset that he took 5 -6 hours to get there and threw out the stomach contents and never checked for intimate relations.   He also called one a drive shooting and failed to notice the powder burns on the back of the seat the victim was sitting in.
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I had the opportunity to meet Henry Lee shortly after the OJ trial - he came to (what was then) GD Searle for a lecture, but of couse, ended up speaking about the famous cases he'd been on, i.e., OJ, and Kennedy-Smith - you may recall he got him off the hook, too.  His logic seemed to make sense - - - at the time.
We all know OJ did it.

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Are we sure it wasn't 1850?  I assume Henry Lee was not available and had
better sense along with any other good forensic pathologist or expert.
Maybe the first coroner from the OJ trial took the job.  He botched just
about everything in several cases prior to that one.   Pam

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> He must have retired in the 1950's.

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