RE: Borax treatment

From:Chris van der Loos

Dear David,
Considering the the use of HCl etc. you obtained an older BrdU IHC staining 
protocol. Here we once tried to stain BrdU containing FFPE sections just by 
using a standard antigen retrieval method (citrate pH6.0). It worked 
perfectly fine!

Chris van der Loos
Academical Medical Center
Dept.of Cardiovascular Pathology
Amsterdam, Netherlands

David wrote:
 >Date: 3 Feb 2003 14:00:44 -0600
 >From: David Walker 
 >Subject: Borax treatment
 >I am posting this for a Graduate Student:
 >Dear Histonetters-
 >I am doing a double-labeling immunohistochemistry protocol for smooth muscle
 >and BrdU. The method calls for an HCl treatment to denature the DNA
 >followed by a Borax treatment to stabilize the DNA. Does anyone have a
 >Borax treatment protocol, including recipes? Thank you in advance for your
 >Taren Grass

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