RE: Borax treatment

From:"Georger, Mary"

I have a protocol and recipes, unfortunately not in my data base, but if you
send me your fax # I will send you a good old fashion hard copy! Out of
curiosity, what smooth muscle marker are you using? We are  smooth muscle
Mary Georger
Center for Cardiovascular Research
University of Rochester Medical Center
KMRB Room 2-9816
601 Elmwood Avenue.
PO Box 679
Rochester, New York  14642

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> From: 	David Walker
> Sent: 	Monday, February 3, 2003 2:44 PM
> To: 	Histonet
> Subject: 	Borax treatment
> I am posting this for a Graduate Student:
> Dear Histonetters-
> I am doing a double-labeling immunohistochemistry protocol for smooth
> muscle
> and BrdU.  The method calls for an HCl treatment to denature the DNA
> followed by a Borax treatment to stabilize the DNA.  Does anyone have a
> Borax treatment protocol, including recipes?  Thank you in advance for
> your
> responses.
> Regards,
> Taren Grass
> Dave

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