I would suggest trying Surgipath infiltration media for your processor and
Surgipath EM 400 for embedding. I have used this paraffin in many different
applications and have been very successful.


Mari Ann Mailhiot BA HT ASCP
Application Specialist
Leica Technical Assistance Center
800 248 0123 x 7267

 Hello Histonetters,
>   We are having trouble cutting thick paraffin sections of mouse embryo,
> the
> sections will not ribbon and they curl up.
>   Can anyone suggest a good paraffin to use? We are using Shandon,
> Precision
> cut paraffin. Thanks in advance!
>   Debby Grant
>   Research Technician II
>   Histology Core Facility
>   Stowers Institute for Medical Research
>   1000 E. 50th Street
>   Kansas City, MO 64110

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