From:Sven Terclavers

Dear all,

We have some problems with a PE-staining (phycoerythrin-group,
B-phycoerythrin from Molecular Probes), conjugated with Cd31 to stain
bloodvessels.  We would like to co-stain with an FITC-conjugate, but
it seems that PE is also excited by 488nm (the FITC-excitation
wavelenght) instead of only by 568nm, so we cannot trust what we see
because of this bleeding-through.  Did any of you had the same problem
and if you could solve it, how did you do it? Another problem we see
is that the PE is bleached really fast.  Is this normal and what can
be done? Thanks in advance,

Sven Terclavers

PS.  Sorry if some of you get this message double because I send it to
different mailinglists.

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